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A catalog is a publication that lists and describes a company’s products and services. A catalog is useful in many ways, including:

• It can be used to show your products or services to potential customers. This helps them visualize how your product or service will look and perform.
• It can be used to provide information about the company, including its location and hours of operation.
• It can be used to provide pricing information for customers who are interested in purchasing from your business.
• It can be used as a sales tool for customers who have already decided to purchase from your business.

Catalogs have come a long way from printed catalogs to be mailed to customers’ homes and offices to digital catalogs that you can send directly to customers’ smartphones and tablets. Talking about today, the majority of businesses have decided to go digital and use online or digital catalogs.
Currently, the most popular digital catalog format is the digital flip book format.

Why should you create flip book catalogs for your business?

You can create a flip book catalog with a flip book catalog software solution like Enhanc. Enhanc can help you convert your PDF files into a flip book catalog easily and quickly.

You can choose the flip book format for your catalog for the below-mentioned reasons:

1. Page turn effect

Flip book catalogs can provide your customers with the best of both worlds i.e. digital and print. Your customers can flip through the pages of your digital catalog as easily as they would through a paper one.
Without a doubt, page-turn effect can mesmerize your customers with the animation and sound. It gives them a genuine reading experience online.

2. Interactive elements

The flip book format allows you to add interactive elements to your product catalog to better engage your customers. You can add YouTube Shorts, video clips, hyperlinks, GIFs, pop-ups, high-quality pictures, and lead-generation forms. No doubt, these interactivities not only have the potential to catch the attention of your customers, but it can also make the most of your product presentation.

You can take feedback from your customers through lead gen forms, use pop-ups to highlight exclusive and limited-time offers and discounts, add video reviews of your happy clients, and use hyperlinks to take back your customers to their shopping cart. There are limitless possibilities when you create your digital catalog in the digital flip book format.

3. Easy navigation

Not to mention, when you try to find something in a paper-printed catalog or an online catalog in a PDF format, you may have to struggle a bit. On the contrary, a flip book catalog can help you find a product in no time as it can have Tables of content (TOC), text search, and thumbnails.

4. Easy and quick update

Without a doubt, product catalogs are required to be updated now and then, especially if you are dealing with a large inventory. You may have to update prices, products, etc.
Flip book catalogs are easy to update as compared to print catalogs. This means that you can add new products or edit existing ones at any time, without having to wait for a new printing and incur extra cost.
Further, they are easy to update than PDF ones, because you do not need to resend the file to your customers every time you make an edit.

5. Easy sharing

If you are sending a PDF catalog to your customers, they have to download it first to view it. Further, sometimes it becomes tough to send your PDF catalog via email owing to the large file size of PDFs.
On the other hand, a flip book catalog can be sent via a direct link, your customers can view it without having to download it first.
Further, you can share your flip book catalog via social media. You can also share it via a QR code (for offline sharing). Moreover, you can embed it on your website.

6. Statistics

With paper-printed catalogs, you do not know how many of your catalogs have been read and how many get thrown in the bin right away. You simply do not know what is happening to your catalogs once you mailed them to your customers and potential customers. However, with flip book catalogs, you can track the performance of your content in real-time. You can track which products get the most attention and which ones get the least. You can even track the advanced stats such as the time spent on each page, user demographics, and much more. This helps you to deal with actual numbers so that you can plan your content and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Are you ready to get started?

Flip book catalogs are the need of the hour. If you want to create your flip book catalog, you can choose Enhanc as your partner. Enhanc now offers a 14-day free trial.

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