Add Interactivities to Your Digital Flipbook with Enhanc

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You can create and deliver digital experiences with Enhanc that can mesmerize your readers and customers. Embedding additional visuals to your digital magazines, digital catalogs, and other digital media can boost user engagement.

You can embed interactivities to your digital flipbook by simple drag-and-drop technology with Enhanc digital publishing software. The relevant interactive components will work smoothly on all devices and browsers.

Some of the key interactive components you can embed are discussed below:


Without a doubt, videos add life to any type of content. You can make your publications effective and engaging with videos. Further, you can better explain your products and services to your buyers and potential buyers using this interactive component. Videos have the power to increase conversion rates. You can add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your content with Enhanc digital publishing platform.


A picture is worth a thousand words. If you add quality pictures to your content, your content is more likely to resonate with its readers. Pictures load fast and grab user attention.


You can display your brand and products in style with the help of GIFs. They are lighter and simpler to implement in content.


You can highlight the most important content and products using pop-ups. Further, you can display your current offers well with pop-ups.


Apart from increasing user engagement time, hyperlinks also improve your content credibility. Further, hyperlinks give a search engine optimization (SEO) boost.

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