Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Your Flipbooks with Enhanc

Flipbook Tracking

Without a doubt, analytics is an important part for the success of any business. Suppose you have sent a business proposal to a potential client in a PDF format. You waited a very long time for the response of that client and he doesn’t reply. You might be thinking whether he actually opened your email and go through the pages of your business proposal.

However, with Enhanc digital catalog software, you can convert that business proposal into a flipbook and enjoy the advanced reporting and tracking functions offered by Enhanc.

You can precisely find out which pages of your flipbook get viewed and which links get the most clicks, and much more.

With Enhanc you can track the performance of your flipbook using the following stats:

Views – The no. of times your flipbook’s link was clicked.

Visitors – The no. of unique visitors who opened your flipbook.

Prints – The no. of times a visitor prints at least 1 page of your flipbook.

Downloads – The no. of times a visitor downloads at least 1 page of your flipbook.

Shares – The no. of times your flipbook is shared.

You also have the option to embed Google Analytics in your digital flipbook and find out more about its performance on the web in a detailed manner.

You can also download the reports and stats in PDF or excel files with Enhanc digital magazine software.

Are you ready to get started?

If you want to create your own digital flipbook and monitor its performance, then sign up today on Enhanc. Enhanc now offers a 14-day free trial.

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