6 Digital Publishing Strategies to Grow Your Readership

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Digital Publishing strategy

According to the latest data from Pew Research Center, there are about 2.4 billion people online worldwide. That’s more than the entire population of the United States and Canada combined.

Obviously, that is a massive opportunity for publishers who want to reach those eyeballs. And yet, only a small fraction of them are actually paying attention to any given site or blog.

That’s why it is critical for publishers to create content that gets noticed by as many people as possible.
There are many ways to grow your audience and reach more people, but the most important thing is to find a way that works for your business.

What are the digital publishing strategies to follow?

Digital publishing is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix. With the proliferation of digital technologies, it has become easier than ever before to create and distribute content to consumers.

However, the digital landscape is complex and can be overwhelming. It is important to understand how your business can benefit from digital marketing.

Here are some tips on how you can get more traffic and boost your readership:

1. Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to gain more customers and users. With content marketing, you can create an ongoing stream of blog posts, articles, and videos that add value to your customers’ lives. This is what creates loyal visitors who want more from you.
But creating engaging content isn’t just about writing it; it is also about sharing that content with your audience in the right places at the right time. You can use social media platforms, your website, email, and direct link to distribute your content.
With the help of content marketing, you can develop your brand personality, enhance conversion rates, and develop authority & trust. Further, you can make a great connection with your audiences.

2. Personalize audience engagement

In addition to mass marketing, you can do personalized marketing. Not to mention, with the great usage of smartphones and tablets, businesses have taken up personalized marketing to a whole new level. Further, using comprehensive analytics, publishers and business owners provide their readers and customers with personalized content, ads, and more. They can optimize their content in a way it gets the maximum exposure.

3. Content security

You can secure your content with HTTPS protocol with TLS encryption. It means the data is safe against theft, leakage, and phishing. It also displays a padlock icon in the address bar which offers a sense of security to your customers that this webpage is safe to browse and they can share their confidential details without giving it a second thought.
You can lock your content with a password. You can also showcase your content’s preview and entice more readers to become your subscribers to go through the content.

4. All device and browser compatibility

When planning your digital publishing strategy, you need to make your content all device and browser compatible. Your content should display smoothly on iPhone, iPad, and all available Android devices so as to ensure a wide level readership. It is a crucial factor that should not be ignored when planning your digital publishing strategy.

5. Latest technology

To create an impact and attract more readers to your content, you need to embrace the latest technology in the digital publishing world such as a QR code, live streaming, social media walls, and more. Further, you can make use of interactive content such as interactive quizzes, interactive infographics, surveys and polls, etc.

6. Search engine-friendly content

You need to create search engine-friendly content to gather more customers and readers for your business. Not to mention, if your target audience can’t locate you on the web, you will lose sales and business.


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