15 Benefits of Digital Flipbooks

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Digital Flipbook

A digital flipbook is an interactive HTML5 digital publication that mimics the page turning effect of a real paper-printed book.
Talking about today, a digital flipbook can be used as an alternative to PDF and paper-based publications.

Let’s talk about the benefits of digital flipbooks:

1. Easy to create

Digital flipbooks are easy to create. All you need is a computer or smartphone with internet access and a digital publishing platform like Enhanc that will allow you to create digital flipbooks. Typically, it takes 2-3 minutes to create a digital flipbook with Enhanc.

2. Environment-friendly

You won’t have to deal with the hassle of printing out multiple copies of documents or shipping them in bulk via the postal service or courier services. This saves time and money while also being better for the environment!

3. Analytics

You can track the performance of your digital flipbooks in real-time. You can track the number of page views, downloads, etc. Further, you can track user demographics.
These analytics can help you create better-performing marketing campaigns and better-optimized digital publications.

4. Responsive design

You can view your flipbook on any device or browser without any compatibility issues. The flipbook will be automatically adjusted to fit the screen size.

5. Customer support

We are just a call or email away from you! Our representatives are more than happy to serve you!

6. Multimedia components

You can include a number of multimedia components such as videos, hyperlinks, photos, animations, and more in your digital flipbooks.

7. Save money

You don’t need to buy paper or ink cartridges if you are using digital flipbooks. Further, you do not have to spend money on shipping.

8. Easy to update

Unlike other formats like paper-based publications or PDFs, you can update digital flipbooks easily and in no time.

9. Multiple sharing options

You can share a digital flipbook via multiple different platforms such as social media, QR code, email, & direct links.

10. Security

You can lock your flipbook with a username/password. You can also disable viewing, printing, and downloading options. Further, you can disable search engine crawling.

11. Shopping cart integration

You can integrate a shopping cart in your flipbook in order that people can directly buy from it.

12. Add a table of contents

For easy navigation of your digital flipbook, you have the option to include a table of contents.

13. Add a lead generation form

Digital flipbooks allow you to add a lead generation form in order to collect clients’ details right within.

14. SEO

You can optimize titles, meta descriptions, and more to provide an SEO boost to your digital flipbooks and make them rank higher on Google.

15. Page flipping effect

The page flipping effect creates an illusion of turning the pages of a traditional book. Without a doubt, it can enhance user engagement.

These are the 15 benefits of digital flipbooks. If you want to try a flipbook, you can start a 14-day free Enhanc trial!

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