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Digital magazines are a great way to reach your audience in an effective way. With a digital magazine, you can create the content that best fits your brand, and deliver it directly to your readers’ inboxes on a regular basis.

Let’s find out step by step how to create a digital magazine

Step 1: Figure out what sort of content you want to include

The first step is figuring out what sort of content you want in your digital magazine. You might want to include everything from recipes to fashion tips, or maybe something more specific like travel advice or business advice. If you’re unsure, ask yourself which sections you enjoy reading in other magazines and adapt those ideas for your own publication.

Step 2: Decide where your audience will come from

Once you know what sort of content you want to include in your digital magazine, think about where your audience will come from. If they’re already following your brand on social media or subscribing to emails from you then they’ll likely be interested in receiving this new type of content too. If not, consider whether there are any ways that you can grow your audience before launching the publication. For example, if you’re planning on selling advertising space then start reaching out to potential advertisers now so they can get involved from the beginning.

Step 3: How much time you can invest

You need a plan from the start regarding how much time you can invest in your digital magazine. You have to make a schedule and glue to it no matter how. It does not matter you are planning to release new content monthly or quarterly, all you have to make sure is not to skip your new releases in order not to disappoint your audience/subscribers.

Step 4: Use a cost-effective digital magazine platform like Enhanc

It is good to know that you can create professional digital publishing for just $15 per month with Enhanc. Enhanc also offers a 15-day free-of-cost trial. You can use all the features of Enhanc during the trial period and find out what features go well with your magazine publishing needs. 

Some key features of Enhanc include:

High-quality templates: The software comes with high-quality templates for digital magazines in different categories such as business, technology, travel, education etc. You can choose any template from these categories according to your requirement and start creating your own digital magazine using these templates in just a few minutes.

Multimedia embedding:

This software also allows you to embed multimedia like hyperlinks, images, videos, etc. to amplify user engagement level.


You can secure your digital magazine with a password. You can also run paid subscription and show the preview of your content to your potential users. 

Ad integration:

You can create an advertiser index and generate revenue through ad placement in the free space of your digital magazine. 


You can track your content performance in real-time with Google Analytics embed feature of Enhanc.  You can find out which pages and ads are garnering the attention of your users, and much more.

Are you ready to get started?

You can contact Enhanc today and begin your 15-day free trial. If you have any questions or queries, you can always email at

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