How COVID19 Changed The Publishing Industry!

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Let’s accept the fact that COVID19 has impacted a lot of sectors. Further, it has changed how we do our everyday chores. The publishing industry has also changed in the COVI19 and it is a safe bet to say that these changes are here to say.

Nevertheless, talking about the ‘normal’ times, ever since the advent of the internet, people prefer consuming content in the digital format. However, after the government imposed restrictions, this preference becomes more or less compulsion. In a nutshell, COVID19 has accelerated the growth of digital publishing as it changed the content consumption pattern of the readers.

COVID19 brings a mixed bag of results

The digital publishers have gained massively. Their customers and readership have dramatically increased. On the other hand, traditional paper publishers have suffered badly.

Traditional publishers have staffing costs and rent to pay while the distribution system has been seriously hampered. This has compelled publishers to slash the pages of their publications or stop the printing altogether.
Digital publishers have gained significantly and one of the contributing factors is safety. Just like digital transactions people prefer digital publications due to their safety and their dear ones. People do not want to handle paper publications as they may spread the virus (although the topic is debatable).

The new digital content consumption pattern is going to last

One thing that is pretty certain is that the content consumption pattern of the readers is going to last even after the COVID19. Not to mention, the young generation is the advocate of the internet and therefore also of digital publishing. This will bring a continuous increase in the digital readership for the time to come.
So, it is simple to conclude that if you want to survive and thrive in the long run, you need to accept digital publishing.

Adapt to the changing technology

As the world is on hold owing to the lockdowns, it’s about time to familiarize yourself with the changing technology. Learn everything you need to know about the future of the media industry. Find out how you can offer a personalized experience to your readers. Further, find out how you can keep a tab on your user behavior and engagement patterns.

Rethink and re-strategize your publishing technique so as to catch the pulse of the present-day readers.

Thinking ahead of the curve

Without a doubt, in the present era of the internet, readers have moved far ahead from just plain text and images that the old school publishing has to offer. They want to see interactive elements such as GIFs, animations, videos, resourceful hyperlinks, etc. in the content.

You want to utilize this time to drive and engage more readers to your content using the elements offered by digital publishing. You can nurture relationships with your present readers and try to attract more readers. An engaged audience tends to stay with you longer as compared to an unengaged audience. Use different media platforms for creating your brand awareness and grab the attention of the present and potential customers. You should try to avail yourself of the full leverage offered by digital publishing.


The present time calls for digital publishing and accepting it is the need of the hour. Stay abreast of your competitors. Consider giving digital publishing a try. Enhanc offers a 15-day free trial. Go for it!

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