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How Travel Agencies can Use Digital Flipbooks?

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Digital flipbooks are interactive digital versions of print brochures and catalogs. They combine the look and feel of traditional print media with the dynamic functionality of digital content. For travel agencies, digital flipbooks offer an engaging new way to showcase tours, destinations, and special offers to potential travelers both online and offline.

Unlike static PDFs, digital flipbooks enable readers to virtually ‘flip’ through pages just like a printed booklet. But they also allow for multimedia integration, animation, hyperlinks, social sharing tools, lead capture forms, and analytics tracking. This makes them more interactive, visual, and shareable than standard digital files.… Read more

Boosting brand awareness with Enhanc flipbooks

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Enhanc Flipbook

In the present time, boosting brand awareness is a must-have thing for companies that want to stay ahead in the current cut-throat competition. Your brand awareness campaigns need to be focused on making your brand stand out from your competitors. Without a doubt, a strong brand identity in the market can result in more sales and business.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the level of exposure, recognition, and reputation a brand has with consumers. It is an important part of a company’s marketing strategy because it helps build familiarity with your brand, which can increase sales and market … Read more

How COVID19 Changed The Publishing Industry!

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Let’s accept the fact that COVID19 has impacted a lot of sectors. Further, it has changed how we do our everyday chores. The publishing industry has also changed in the COVI19 and it is a safe bet to say that these changes are here to say.

Nevertheless, talking about the ‘normal’ times, ever since the advent of the internet, people prefer consuming content in the digital format. However, after the government imposed restrictions, this preference becomes more or less compulsion. In a nutshell, COVID19 has accelerated the growth of digital publishing as it changed the content consumption pattern of the … Read more

How To Make A Digital Flipbook In 4 Simple Steps

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A digital flipbook is a powerful means to engage more readers in your business. An engaged customer or reader is more likely to buy from you. With a digital flipbook, you can keep hold of the user’s attention using interactive rich media like videos, links, animations, and more.
On the other hand, a PDF does not have the charm that can engage your customers and potential customers. It offers limited interactivity and many times people find them hard to read. So, it’s a great idea to convert it into a flipbook.

A digital flipbook is a digital version of a … Read more