How Digital Publishing is Saving The Environment!

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Digital Publishing

Every year we celebrate World Environment on the 5th of June. This day is celebrated to aware people of the protection of the environment. Further, it encourages people to take action to save the environment.

One of the crucial steps that people can take to save the environment is by embracing digital publishing or in other words by giving up traditional paper printed publishing. As you know, conventional publishing needs paper and that comes from chopping down of trees. Trees play an important role in conserving the environment and cutting them down in a large quantity incessantly can bring detrimental effects.

Luckily, people today understand environmental conservation and they go for eco-friendly things.

After the advent of the internet, a lot of sectors have turned digital including schools, colleges, government and corporate offices, banks, and more. This digital revolution has helped sustained life on Earth.

However, as a matter of fact, many have joined the digital revolution in view of the convenience it brings to their lives.

Digital publishing curbs air pollution

Making paper from trees involves heavy machinery usage that releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Roughly speaking, for making 2 tons of paper or paper applications, 3 tons of carbon dioxide is released.

Also, the distribution of paper publications calls for the burning of fossil fuels that lead to more greenhouse gases and pollution.

Embracing digital publishing can help eliminate this huge amount of air pollution.

In addition to air pollution, other types of wastes produced by the paper manufacturing facility also harm the environment to a great extent.

Digital publishing helps make a more balanced ecosystem

Chopping down trees for the sake of making papers also harms the balanced ecosystem. The wildlife that is dependent upon trees also gets affected. As a result, they have to move so as to survive.

Further, other than loss of habitat, deforestation also brings floods, soil erosion, and increased level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and much more.

Final words

Scientists are doing research and studies around the globe in order to find ways to protect our planet from the hands of humanity. They are doing incessant efforts to make this planet a better place to live in for the generations to come.

Unfortunately, a big number of people, publishers, and business owners still do not know the widespread advantages offered by digital publishing. They are still doing things in the traditional way. It’s your duty to make them aware of how digital publishing is saving the environment. Share this article and let them know.

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