Increase your Brand Awareness with Enhanc Digital Flipbook Software

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Without a doubt, making your brand awareness is getting tougher and tougher with the launch of new competitors in the online market every day.

brand awareness

What is brand awareness?

It is a marketing term that involves how well customers can recognize or recall a brand. Not to mention, it is very important to make your business grow.
It helps the customers to differentiate a brand from the competition by virtue of its qualities.

Increase your brand awareness with a digital flipbook

There are hundreds of ways through which you can increase your brand awareness. One of the ways through which you can do it is through a digital flipbook.

A digital flipbook is a perfect tool for increasing brand awareness. A flipbook software solution like Enhanc allows you to create a publication from PDF files that can be distributed to your target audience, who then read your content and share it with their friends and family through email or social media accounts.

The digital flipbook is a great way to increase brand awareness by creating a visual story that can be shared with your customers and prospects. It is also an effective way to communicate your message in a fun and engaging way.

How to make a digital flipbook?

If you wish to create your very own digital flipbook, you can easily do it by signing up on Enhanc. You only need to upload your PDF files into Enhanc digital flipbook software and it will be automatically converted into an interactive flipbook in minutes.
You do not need to enter your credit/debit card details. You can use the 15-day free trial to get started.

4 ways Enhanc can help you stand out from the rest

1. Embed your logo and favicon

Not to mention, your logo is your brand identity in the market. A logo can help people recognize you. Enhanc lets you embed your brand logo in your flipbook. Further, you can add your favicon to your flipbook. A favicon is displayed in the address bar when a user opens your website in a browser.

2. Embed a background that suits your brand

You can choose a background image that goes with your brand and industry. Enhanc lets you embed a background image that complements your content.

3. Get a custom domain

You can remove all the branding of Enhanc, even the URL. You can get a custom domain and brand your links. When your customers see your branded links, they can click them without any hesitation or security fear.

4. Choose a skin and color palette

Our team of designers has created a number of skins/templates for every industry. They have put a lot of effort so that you can get the right skin for your digital flipbook irrespective of which industry you belong to. Further, you can choose a color palette that matches your brand identity.

What are you waiting for? You can contact Enhanc now and take advantage of a free 15-day trial. As aforementioned, no credit/debit card or commitment is needed.

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